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House Portraits

Oil Painting by James Maguire   Oil Painting by James Maguire
Oil Painting by James Maguire  



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House Portraits:

Your home is probably the largest investment you will make in your life. It is the place where you raise your children, entertain your grandchildren and all the kids’ friends and your friends. Your home and all the activities that happened there are the number one memories of your children, so why not have a Pen & Ink portrait done of your home or summer house to share with your children the place where you and your family have shared all those memories.


Each original piece of art work is very detailed and takes from 30 to 40 hrs. or more to complete. For more information email Jim Maguire or call the studio, 207-582-6005.


You can also send two or more pictures of your property with your name and phone no and we will contact you with information about your portrait.